Floryne Buishand

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Floryne Buishand
Floryne Ottilie Buishand was born on February 4, 1987 in Schagerbrug, The Netherlands.
After graduating ‘summa cum laude’ from high school in 2003, she started the study Veterinary Medicine at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine (Utrecht University). During her studies in Utrecht she was selected for participation in the one-year Honours Program of Veterinary Research. She completed this program in 2008 with her thesis entitled: “Microarray analysis of canine insulinomas: implications for diabetes mellitus therapy and establishment of prognostic markers for canine insulinomas”. Her thesis was awarded with two prizes: 1) the NKFD award, prize for the best thesis on a topic regarding veterinary oncology, provided by the Dutch Cancer Foundation for Animals; 2) FelCan Award – Canine Medicine, prize for the most important and innovative Research project conducted in 2008-2010 by a veterinary medicine student. Furthermore during 2006-2008, Floryne Buishand also completed the Honours Program of The Faculty of Humanities, Utrecht University.
In 2009 she did an Externship Small Animal Internal Medicine at UC Davis, School of Veterinary Medicine, and she participated in the Veterinary Leaderhip Program at Cornell University, USA where she performed a 10-weeks research project on “Extracellular Tissue Transglutaminase: a Novel Target for Glioblastoma”. Her participation in the program was rewarded with the “Award for Outstanding Research and Research Presentation in Molecular Biology”. After obtaining her DVM degree “summa cum laude” in 2010 she started an internship in Small Animal Medicine at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Department of Clinical Sciences of Companion Animals, Utrecht University. During her internship she was able to obtain an NWO-Agiko stipend for the project proposal “Identification of Cancer Stem Cells in Insulinoma”. This enabled her to start her PhD studies alongside her clinical residency training in Small Animal Surgery of the European College of Veterinary Surgeons (ECVS). Floryne Buishand started the dual PhD research / clinical residency track in November 2011. Her PhD thesis was successfully defended in January 2016.