Antimicrobial resistance

Reports prepared by the OIE Ad hoc Group of experts on Antimicrobial resistance.

The World organisation for animal health (OIE) has announced the publication of a series of reports on antimicrobial resistance, prepared by the OIE antimicrobial resistance Ad hoc Group, in the forthcoming issue of the OIE Scientific and Technical Review. This is the first time that an important amount of knowledge on antimicrobial resistance has been gathered in a comprehensive manner, thanks to a group of internationally recognised experts.

While the reports produced have not yet received the approval of the OIE International Committee, they will provide baseline information to draw up guidelines on antimicrobial resistance, a subject of increasing global importance, especially for the future application of Sanitary and Phytosanitary Measures among countries, after adoption, which have to be based on risk analysis.

For those who are not familiar with OIE missions, the World organisation for animal health, or ‘Office International des Epizooties’, is the organisation recognised by the World Trade Organization (WTO) for the elaboration of standards, guidelines and recommendations on animal health and zoonoses matters relevant to trade in animals and animal products.

The reports on antimicrobial resistance will be provided in the form of a set of reprints from the OIE Scientific and Technical Review and are being sold as a separate booklet for those who wish to receive this collection alone. The following topics are covered in the reports:

•Antimicrobial resistance: an overview
• Antimicrobial resistance: risk analysis methodology for the potential impact on public health of antimicrobial resistant bacteria of animal origin
• Antimicrobial resistance: responsible and prudent use of antimicrobial agents in veterinary medicine
• Antimicrobial resistance: monitoring the quantities of antimicrobials used in animal husbandry
• Antimicrobial resistance: standardisation and harmonisation of laboratory methodologies for the detection and quantification of antimicrobial resistance
• Antimicrobial resistance: harmonisation of national antimicrobial resistance monitoring and surveillance programmes in animals and in animal-derived food.

All reports are presented in English; summaries are provided in French and Spanish.

Details of the publication:
Date of publication: 18th November 2001
ISBN 92-9044-553-X
Approximately 76 pages
Format: 21 x 29.7 cm
Price: 25 Euros (postage included)
Ref.: A 106

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