Elsbeth Stassen

Elsbeth Stassen has studied veterinary medicine at Utrecht University. She started her professional career as general veterinary practisioner. In 1984, she received her PhD (cum laude) at Utrecht University. In 2000 she was registered as Dairy Health specialist, certified by the Royal Netherlands Veterinary Association and appointed as Diplomat of the European College of Animal Health (2002). In 1988 she has been appointed as senior lecturer at the department of Farm Animal Health Veterinary Faculty, Utrecht University. A major part of her work consisted of the implementation of animal health and welfare programmes at the farm level.
Between 1996 and 2004 she held the chair of professor in ‘human animal relationship’. In 2004 she was appointed professor in ‘Animals and Society’ at Wageningen University. She has been supervisor and promotor of a number of Ph.D.students. She has been projectleader of several research projects, including the research by dr Joan Somers and dr Rik van der Tol, within the NWO-programmes ‘Limits to welfare and animal production’ and ‘Ethics and policy’. In these projects researchers of various institutes cooperated and the projects were multidisciplinary by nature, including the following disciplines: animal welfare and health, epidemiology, normative- and empirical-ethics, sociology. At this moment ir Bierma is working on a researchproject ‘development of a decision-support model for clawdisorders’ in order to improve health and welfare of dairy cows.
Elsbeth Stassen is or has been a member of several committees in the field of animal health, animal welfare and human animal relations such as, member of the Board of Animal Affairs (advisory board Ministry Agriculture, Nature Management and Fisheries), member of the ethical committee of the Royal Netherlands Veterinary Association, member of the scientific European Committee for the moratorium on BST (1999), chairman of the ethics committee of the Institute for Animal Science and Health (ASG-Lelystad), member of the think-tank commissioned by the minister of Agriculture, Nature Management and Food (ANF) to advice about the future of the livestock production sector in Dutch society.