A new information service for feline clinicians and scientists

Starting March 2006, a new site for feline clinicians and scientists will appear on the VetScite pages, under the conspicuously green ABCD logo. Information will be regularly updated about infectious diseases of the cat, aspects of pathology, immunology, epidemiology, and particularly vaccinology. The recent release addressed a topical issue – the H5N1influenza virus infection of cats, the next one will cover every conceivable aspect of panleukopenia and its prevention. The objective of the Advisory Board on Cat Diseases is to provide state-of-the-art information and practical advice that can be used in the yearly health check or vaccination interviews with clients. – The ABCD pages will appear in different languages in various countries in Europe, in journals and on websites.

Veterinary Sciences Tomorrow (VetScite)
April 11, 2006

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