The 6th European Colloquium on Acute Phase Proteins

The 6th European Colloquium on Acute Phase Proteins is an international symposium dealing with all aspects of the acute phase response at the acute phase proteins. The colloquium will take place at The Royal Veterinary and Agricultural University, Copenhagen, Denmark, August 24 – 26 2006.

Acute phase proteins are useful markers of inflammatory activity in patients and experimental models. Research in acute phase proteins has continuously expanded in human and veterinary medicine within the last few decades and acute phase proteins are now well-established diagnostic markers in human medicine. Evidence-based use of acute phase proteins in a wide-range of veterinary aspects has emerged within the last few years and the field is continuously expanding.

The European Colloquium on Acute Phase Proteins is the only international conference dedicated to all aspects of animal acute phase proteins. Progress within pathophysiology and genetics of acute phase proteins, analytical methodologies, diagnostic applicability and translational modeling will be reported.

The previous colloquia have been attended by an increasing number of delegates and the colloquium in 2006 is expected to attract a total of 120 to 150 scientists and administrators from universities, research organisations, state veterinary administration and diagnostic and medicine/vaccine producing institutions.

As research in acute phase proteins is an important field in a wide range of species, it is expected that delegates with interests in poultry, cattle, pigs, horses, dogs, cats, experimental animals and fish will attend to get an update on the recent research in this area. Moreover, the comparative aspect of this research will be emphasised in order to attract an increasing number of researchers from human medical sciences.

Abstract deadline is May 15, 2006.

For more information, please visit the colloquium homepage at

We hope to see many familiar as well as new faces at the 6th European Colloquium on Acute Phase Proteins in Denmark.

On behalf of the Organizing Committee,

Stine Jacobsen, Chairman The Royal Veterinary and Agricultural University