Erik Gruys

Specialist Veterinary Pathology (RNVA ECVP). Until December 2005 he has been chair of Domestic Animal Pathology at Utrecht University. At present Erik is part-time pathologist at RIKILT WUR, Wageningen, The Netherlands. He got experience in various committee functions within and outside the veterinary faculty. As professional specialist he traveled for advises and audits to three South African countries, the Baltics, Rumania and the veterinary faculty of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Erik is giving postgraduate courses to DVMs in the Netherlands and abroad. Moreover, he is educationally active on animal health for various audiences and is author and editor of numerous professional Scientific papers. He is consultant for accreditation of laboratories and institutes. The animal health activities are centered in the Veterinary Extension Services in Driebergen Nl, the office of the World Association on Animal Pathology (WAAP) an editing house of the Annals of the WAAP (AWAAP; and a genealogical family journal (GJ).