Thijs van Loon

Thijs van Loon was born on October 8, 1972 in Roosendaal, The Netherlands. He graduated from high school in 1991 and started studying Medical Biology at the Faculty of Medicine at Utrecht University and decided to apply for Veterinary Medicine as well. After three years of studying medical biology, he was admitted to veterinary medicine through the numerus fixus system. During the first 2 years of this study he finished his medical biology studies and graduated in 1996. In 2000, he obtained the DVM degree. After graduation, Thijs started as an equine practitioner in “Dierenhospitaal Visdonk” in Roosendaal and worked for 3 years. After this, he decided to return to University and applied for an internship at the Department of Equine Sciences at Utrecht University. After this internship, a residency in veterinary anaesthesia and intensive care was started. He finished his residency in 2010, finished his PhD in 2012 and is planning to pass the board exams in 2012 as well.