About Vetscite

Veterinary Sciences Tomorrow (ISSN 1569 – 0830)

Veterinary Sciences Tomorrow (VetScite) is published exclusively on the World Wide Web, under the domain name ‘Vetscite’. It is a refereed journal that provides reviews and opinion papers only, not original experimental data. It is an international current awareness journal for veterinary and related research scientists and publishes a new issue every three months. Inbetween issues there are regular updates, including items in the News and Education sections, Letters to the Editor, etc. New and updated items will be highlighted on the home page. Our articles, reviews and editorials intend to provide up-to-date scientific information that is interesting and relevant to all those working in the veterinary research environment, in its broadest sense. VetScite also provides links to other quality resources on the World Wide Web that we feel are worthy of recommendation.

We believe that basic science, medical and veterinary research together make-up one single community of biomedical research. Thus, we aim to provide information that will encourage an interdisciplinary exchange of ideas and, whenever possible, original and thought provoking opinion on matters important to the biomedical community as a whole.

Mission Statement

Veterinary Sciences Tomorrow (VetScite) is an electronic current awareness journal that aims to encourage and support the worlwide veterinary research community; it also wishes to give the community a sense of identity and an appreciation of quality. It will publish state-of-the-art reviews for scientists, academic teachers, graduate students and policy makers as well as interpretation and opinion on research findings and issues important to animal health and welfare. Above all, it aims to encourage the veterinary research community to participate in an interdisciplinary exchange of ideas and the establishment of mutually beneficial collaborations.

VetScite Editorial Office

Professor Marian C. Horzinek

Dr. Anjop Venker-van Haagen

Miroslav Pavlíček

Contact with the Editorial Office may be made using the following information:

Veterinary Sciences Tomorrow
Utrecht University
The Netherlands
E-mail: vetscite@uu.nl

Editorial Board

With the new format of Veterinary Sciences Tomorrow (VetScite), also a new Editorial Board is about to be appointed. It will consist of members of the Veterinary Faculty, Utrecht University that are active in research and teaching. Their task is to contribute to the quality and visibility of Veterinary Sciences Tomorrow, by providing feedback and criticism, identifying scientific news items in their own research environment and – in general – keeping an eye on developments in the veterinary sciences, in graduate education, and policy trends that may affect the animal health scene.
The members of the Editorial Board will be listed in this place, with their respective fields of specialisation and places of work.