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Improved classification, diagnosis and prognosis of canine round cell tumours

Accurate classification and diagnosis of the tumours can be difficult. Component cells of the different tumours have a close morphological resemblance. Download PDF Author: Taci Cangul

Activation and programming of adaptive immune responses by vaccine adjuvants

This review describes established and novel immunological events to explain the mode of action used by vaccine delivery systems and adjuvants – the most powerful immunostimulatory molecules known today. Download PDF Author: Virgil E.J.C. Schijns

Uterine infections in Camelidae

The present paper discusses the etiology, diagnosis and treatment of uterine infection in camelids. Download PDF Author: Ahmed Tibary

Some examples of Veterinarians in Belletrist Literature

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A look at veterinarians in so-called belletrist, that is non-scientific literature. Download PDF Author: Hans-Otto Schmidtke

DNA vaccines: new applications for veterinary medicine

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Results have shown that DNA vaccination is a very promising technology, not only for industrial breeding but also for domestic animals. Download PDF Author: Vinciane Dufour

Proteomics – how proteins communicate in a cell

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Proteomics is the term used for the analysis of all proteins present in a cell or tissue. Its main purpose is to identify proteins and establish their function. Download PDF Author: Michael O. Hottiger

Visions on the future of veterinary virology

One of the most common perceptions of a virus is to look at it as an enemy, a pathogen, a “disease-causing germ”. In veterinary virology, this usually translates into “XY virus causes a devastating (severe, economically important) Download PDF Author: Mathias Ackermann

Potassium homeostasis during exercise in domestic species: the role of the sodium-potassium pump in skeletal muscle

In 1997, Jens Christian Skou was awarded the Nobel Prize in Chemistry for his discovery and elegant description, some 40 years earlier, of the sodium-potassium (Na+,K+) pump in Download PDF Author: Maria E. Everts

An Update on Feline Infectious Peritonitis

Feline infectious peritonitis (FIP) is an important disease to the cat clinician for several reasons; it is fatal in most (clinical) cases, its biology is poorly Download PDF Author: Marian C. Horzinek

Species-specific primary cell cultures: a research tool in veterinary science

In experimental veterinary research intact animals are often employed. Although this will remain important, both basic and applied research may Download PDF Author: Karim R. Sultan